Hey there, thanks for coming!

This will take about 3 minutes. We'll ask you a few questions about the way you use apps and websites. When you finish, we'll enter you into a free prize draw for a £100 Amazon voucher.

If you're selected for a phone interview, you'll also be paid a £20 Amazon voucher for 20 minutes of your time. 

This research is being run by Brignull Ltd (UK Company No. 8456262). We fully comply with the Data Protection Act and the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct.
If you compare yourself to the average person on the street, how would you describe the amount of time you spend online? *

i.e. doing stuff on your laptop, tablet or phone.

What sites or apps do you look at first thing in the morning when you wake up? *

What sites or apps do you look at when you're on the toilet? *

What sites or apps do you look at during the night when you should be sleeping? *

What one thing are you most addicted to online? *

What's the most satisfying thing about it? *

What's the most annoying thing about it? *

If someone gave you a newspaper subscription for your birthday how would you feel? *

What gadgets do you use every day? *

Make a list of the phones, tablets, electronic gadgets and devices that you personally own and use regularly.
If you could have any new gadget, regardless of price, what would it be and why? *

What is the main social network that you use? *

e.g. facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram, etc...
What makes someone good or interesting to follow on that social network? *

Please enter your age *

What do you do for a living? *

What country are you in? *

Are you interested in doing a paid telephone interview in the next week or two? *

If you're picked, our researcher will get in touch to arrange a 20 minute telephone interview. It'll be a laid-back chat where you'll go into a bit more depth about your answers. At the end we will send you a £20 Amazon voucher by email to say thanks. So, are you interested in doing this?
Enter your full name *

Enter your phone number *

Don't worry, we won't call you without arranging the interview in advance by email or text message.
Are you happy to be contacted in the future about other paid research projects?

You'll receive about one email a month, and you can opt-out anytime.
Thank you so much!

We'll let you know if you win the £100 Amazon Voucher. If you opted in to the paid telephone interview, someone from our team might get in touch in the next 1-3 weeks. 

Any questions? Email us@brignull.com. 

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